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Hi, my name is Christo Archer

Hi, my name is
Christo Archer

I’m currently operating as a personal trainer at Minchinhampton Fitness Hub, near Stroud teaching small group classes in functional fitness, boxercise and ad hoc PT sessions. In addition to this, I work out of a small studio in Nailsworth with a couple of clients who prefer the quieter space out of the perceived spotlight. As the summer approaches, I will be running outdoor bootcamps on Minchinhampton Common.

I also bought a bar in March 2019, and have just declared a small profit after three challenging years. Making people happy has always been part of my career, and the transition from the temporary solution of food and drink to the more permanent one of lifestyle and exercise has been an interesting move forward. I run the bar from Thursday to Sunday in the evenings, and lift bars on Mondays, Tuesdays and as clients demand during the rest of the week.

I had never walked into a gym since university, but after the third lockdown in March 2021, feeling suicidal, and weighing in at 35 stone, having nearly died from sepsis, a car crash, hypocapnia and the thought of ending it all… something had to change.

See my journey for yourself

See my journey
for yourself

From extra fries to exercise

From extra fries
to exercise

My admin assistant Katie’s husband Robin Oakley is a PT at Catalyst Training in Cirencester and we started off with a frank consultation session, and three PT sessions per week, which over the first year became five. Then came spin classes once a week, then swimming, tennis, squash.. whereas I had been addicted to pizza and cake, the gym was now the main love in my life. From extra fries to exercise, I dropped 18 stone in the space of 18 months. I deadlifted, squatted and benched my way to a body that I was nearly proud of, my bar business improved dramatically as my energy levels increased exponentially, and my family and friends relationships healed- I was happy for the first time in a long time, and I thought if an idiot like me could do this, why not help other people sort their lives out, physically and emotionally.

I began training as a PT at T2 Fitness in Swindon, and after some excellent education, I was equipped for success.

Alas, one month later, having been accepted as a PT at Minchinhampton Fitness Hub, I had a cardiac arrest at Catalyst Training in Cirencester after some warm up squats. Defibrillator, 8 minutes of CPR, the whole nine yards. Two weeks in hospital, and an ICD fitted into my chest meant that I couldn’t drive for six months, nor could I rely on the bus to get to the gym in Cirencester from my house. It was 2 months before I got back in the gym again post heart surgery and I had put on 3 stone in that time. Fatigue after even two light training sessions per week was initially crippling, and it was only toward the end of January that I got back to five sessions a week, and projected to be back to pre-cardiac arrest fitness and weight by the end of March, all things going well.

I'm a realistic & holistic trainer

I'm a realistic & holistic trainer

The gym saved my life, being accountable to someone you don’t know saved my life. I now live a healthy lifestyle alongside owning a rather successful cocktail bar in Nailsworth. I’m a realistic and holistic trainer, free from judgments with a sympathetic ear- I hope my empathy and passion can help you make the changes you want in your life.

You can find me @christoarcher89 on Instagram, add me as a friend on Facebook, or turn up to the Minchinhampton Fitness Hub on a Monday or Tuesday, where we can help you get started on your journey.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

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